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You’ll be amazed what Kids can do... and they’re just having fun.

We have a great range of activities designed with kids in mind..

Workshops are run with limited numbers for a more rewarding experience and children participate in both individual and group activities that are tailored to a broad skill level.

Kids can discover their natural curiosity and explore their own ideas while learning through a creative program.

Science workshops provide a positive introduction to the ideas and principals of science, art and construction, focus on recycling and accessability to commonly available materials.

Art Workshops focus on exploring the childs own ideas and giving expression and guidance in the medium for a truly personal and individual work.


mirror mosaicMagnificent Mosaics
Magic Mirror or fabulous faces.
Treasured tile creations

spy craftSpy Craft
Forensics and code breaking.
Solve the mystery.

Motors and Mechanics
Make the Super Motor Claw

Physics that flies.
Kite construction and air-xploration.
rocket scienceRocket Science
Science goes fast while you build a
tiedyeTye Dying and Fabric Painting
Art to dye for.
Watch the colours come to life.
3D collage3D collage.
Self investigation through 3D art.
Make a model volcano
and explore the world
of chemistry
Discover the mysterious and magical world
of magnets.
go-technicGo Technic
Moving machines and motorised
mechanical wonders.
monstersMonsters of the imagination
Create weird, wonderful monsters
and creepy creations.

Time to explore and create amazing things.