Icelandic sterling silver jewlery


Original Photo Þjms.ÍB

Kuml - Pagan grave.

Our journey through life and centuries past has left behind archaeological remains which are like windows into passages of time. Sword from a pagan grave (kuml) tells of disputes and days of revenge in the name of honour. Man’s relics that once were treasures are now curious wonders.

Old vessels carried men throughout the wide world in search of cultural traditions, treasures and geological specimens... …artifacts and memories about a journey that once was.

We carry the tradition and continue the journey. We create artifacts that reflect culture and search for keepsakes that tell of a place and time.

Kuml is a collection of Icelandic jewellery about a place, culture and inspiration.
All pieces are handcrafted from cast sterling silver, Icelandic stones:
Lava, Basalt, Jaspis & Obsidian.



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