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Great Garden Creations.

A fun fun... fun day of sculpting a 'chook' or 'two chicks'.

These humorous interactive garden sculptures are a must in every garden.
You can turn your chook in every direction without an effort and bring a smile to all.

Using armature and construction techniques, this is a fantastic opportunity to work
with loads of materials, wire, foam and concrete. Although constructed on pre-welded armature
you can create your own pose for your chook.

All materials, tools, welded armature and a hand crafted ceramic comb are provided.

Participants are asked to bring garden and rubber gloves. Come in your 'art clothes'.

The day is fully catered with morning tea/coffee and scrumptious vegetarian lunch.

Please contact the event organiser about dietary requirements


If you would like to mosaic your Chook or Chicks you can do so in the ´Mosaic Madness' one day workshop


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